The teachers behind the workshops that teach you to stop pinnin' & start craftin'!

The Goodwin’s are a naturally creative family. Pals & Paintbrushes came about after Goody’s lengthy career in the military and Risa convinced him to repurpose their passion to help teach people like you to stop pinnin' & start craftin'! Risa, who comes from a design background, has taught craft classes to her friends for years. Goody is the deconstruction and wood-prep guy. Their daughter, Eva, happily helps prepare, assist and coach the classes. With assistance from their family and friends, Pals & Paintbrushes is ready to come to you and your pals and start pallin’ around. Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, they enjoy doing classes all around the state. Pals and Paintbrushes will entertain further (out of state) classes as well with the right pals.


Risa and Goody participating in the Glow Run at the Pikes Peak International Raceway